5 Fitness Treats To Make Your Home Workouts Better

5 Fitness Treats To Make Your Home Workouts Better

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Article by: Jane Sandwood, Freelance Writer

It’s the time of year for giving holiday presents, and as you shop for your loved ones, you may want to leave some space in your list for a few fitness gifts for yourself. Research reveals that most people in the UK are failing to get enough exercise, with a whopping 80% of Brits failing to meet the target of taking moderate exercise at least 12 times in a month. Having no time to exercise and fear of being judged at the gym have resulted in individuals skipping out on physical activity, but fortunately, others have found a solution to their gym woes by exercising at home. If you’ve been exercising at home for the past few months, then you may need a few things to make your workouts even better. Here are 5 fitness gifts to give yourself to enhance your home workouts.

Gym Equipment Wipes and Cleaning Supplies

If you have a gym inside your home, then you’re already on your way to fitness, especially if you spend at least three times a week working out in there. However, your fitness equipment may be teeming with bacteria, especially if you don’t wipe them down or disinfect after every use. Specially designed wipes and gym cleaning supplies will help you to clean and sanitise your gym equipment in no time at all. Regular cleaning will make your equipment last longer, and in doing so, you also make sure that you don’t get sick from or pneumonia or meningitis, which are caused by common bacteria that you can find in a gym.

A Massage

After several weeks of working out, treat yourself to a deep tissue or holistic massage. It’s a great way to enhance your fitness plan as it can relieve aches and pains, relieve stress, and promote relaxation and better sleep. Make sure to go to a reputable spa or health centre that has experienced massage therapists to get a good and effective massage treatment.

Chi Yu Holistic Massage

A Bluetooth Speaker

Working out at home means that you get to play the music of your choice while doing cardio or body weight exercises. Instead of listening to your favourite workout playlist and tracks on your phone, get yourself a Bluetooth speaker for better sound quality. Listening to upbeat tunes on a good speaker can motivate you to exercise and make it more enjoyable.

Bluetooth speaker and aroma diffuser wide

A Water Cooler for Your Home Gym

Having a water cooler in your home gym means that you stay hydrated while working out and you get access to clean drinking water without having to go all the way to your kitchen. Drinking water during and after your workout is essential to your health and helps to regulate your body temperature while you exercise.

New Gym Towels

Having a clean gym towel on hand is crucial for your own personal hygiene while working out at home. Treat yourself to several microfibre, cotton, or bamboo fibre towels and make sure to throw them in the wash after every use.

This holiday season, treat yourself to a fitness gift to enhance your home workouts. Consider any of these gift ideas for a healthy body and to make your workouts more enjoyable.


Marylebone Journal – Clinic Profile of Chi Yu

Marylebone Journal – Clinic Profile of Chi Yu

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Marylebone is full of eastern promise now that the Chi Yu Wellness Centre on George Street has opened its doors. Chi Yu means “healing” in Japanese, and inspired by traditional Japanese philosophy the new centre aims to improve it’s clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through the application of both Oriental and complementary therapies.

Treatments include acupuncture, cupping therapy, aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy and pre- and postnatal care. There is a comprehensive choice of massages, including deep tissue and remedial massage, which focuses on releasing muscle tension and stimulating blood circulation through slow strokes with deep pressure, and improves joint mobility by applying muscle stretching techniques. The signature Chi Yu Integrated Therapy uses a range of therapies tailored to the needs of each client. Read more.

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