Chi Yu is an Award Winner!

Chi Yu is an Award Winner!

Top Wellness Centre in London
Chi Yu Wellness Centre is ranked as a top Wellness Centre in London
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Chi Yu Wellness Centre is the winner of the 2017 Book Local Community Choice Award for the Wellness Centre category in London.

We have been “awarded the 2017 Book Local Community Choice Award for top Wellness Centre in London for your commitment to excellence in providing the best level of service to your customers on an ongoing basis.”

The Sybarite – Review

The Sybarite – Review

Chidoriya maiko facial at chi yu wellness centre


Article Post by: , 
There is a place of healing in a quiet area of Marylebone that combines genuine oriental holistic treatments for the mind, body and spirit. A place of Zen and serenity where you can let your stresses go and let its practitioners get to the bottom of your body’s concerns.

This little slice of East meets West retreat is called the Chi Yu Wellness Centre – Chi Yu meaning “healing and shizen chiyu ryoku means the ‘body’s’ self-healing ability’. As soon as one enters the centre, one can immediately breathe in the calm and zen throughout the space which is brought about by the scents, music and aesthetics.  Read more (article link) or PDF version.

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Top 5! Finnair Blue Wings Review

Top 5! Finnair Blue Wings Review

Blue Wings Finnair Feb 2017 CoverWe are proud to be in the Top 5 of Blue Wings (Finnair) London Revival review. Read more below or click image below to read the article.

TRANQUIL TREATMENTS. The Marylebone neighbourhood just a few blocks off Oxford Street is one of London’s wellness hotspots. A local favourite is Japanese Chi Yu Wellness Centre specialising in holistic treatments combining acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, and other complementary therapies. “Many Londoners and travellers look for stress relief,” says Mami Tsang, founder of Chi Yu. But as we all experience stress in a slightly different way, Tsang and her team always look for a unique, tailored treatment that will leave the customer feeling relaxed, energised, and ready to take on the world.




Blue Wings Finnair Feb 2017 London Review Page

Facial Acupuncture – Daily Mail Article

Facial Acupuncture – Daily Mail Article

Read Article by: Sarah Vine, Daily Mail 24/08/2015 here.

In this article, Sarah Vine, experiences facial acupuncture for the first time as a more pleasant and safer alternative to Botox.

Watch Our Video About Facial Acupuncture as featured in the article

I♡Beauty – French Blog Article (in French)

I♡Beauty – French Blog Article (in French)

Posted by: Sandrine Joseph,

L’institut Chi Yu. Dans le centre, à Marylebone, j’ai déniché un petit institut boudoir qui mixe techniques japonaises, chinoises, taï et acupuncture pour des modelages énergétiques sur mesure qui te remettent sur pied en une séance. Ne pas repartir sans un flacon d’Huile de Magnolia, trésor anti-âge pour le visage ( 

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“In the centre, in Marylebone, I found a small boudoir institute that mixes Japanese, Chinese, Tai and acupuncture techniques for tailor-made energy massages that put you back together in one session. Do not leave without a bottle of Magnolia Oil, anti-ageing treasure for the face”


Men’s Health Feature

Men’s Health Feature


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Release pressure

Wring out stress with this 10-minute pressure-points massage from acupuncture specialist Mami Tsang. Work in a circular motion for 15 seconds, stopping for 5 seconds between each step.

A Massage the point midway between your eyes with a fingertip. Then move to your temples, using the tips of your fingers.
B Use your finger tips to work on your trapezius muscle, then massage the base of your neck with your thumbs.
C Work your ‘Pericardium 6’ point. It’s on your inner wrist, three fingers’ width down from the crease. Repeat on your other arm.
D Massage the webbed area between your thumb and index finger. Repeat A-D twice, then return to that report refreshed.

(Article: Men’sHealth Magazine, May 2012)

Hip & Healthy Feature

Hip & Healthy Feature

CHI YU: The Ultimate Holistic Haven

Article Post by: Samantha Organ, HIPANDHEALTHY.COM April 2015

Chi Yu hipand healthy article web screenshot

“With green beauty and organic nutrition on the rise, there’s a lot to be said for holistic treatments and remedies. They help revitalise the mind, body and soul in the best way possible – the natural way– and there’s no better place to do this than at holistic wellness spa, Chi Yu, located in the heart of Marylebone, London.

Mami Tsang, Owner and Principle Practitioner of Chi Yu, has personally reaped the benefits of Eastern medicine, having suffered headaches and back pain during her early years.  With the utmost faith in herbal remedies, Mami has become a master in massage, having trained in over 16 different types of treatments. Her portfolio boasts repertoire of massages from Somato Emotional Release Therapy, a process designed to rid the mind and body of residual physical and mental stress collated from negative experiences, to Tui na, a hands-on Chinese treatment that works to open up the body and restore the natural flow of energy.” Read more (article link) or PDF version.

Watch our video about Chi Yu Integrated Therapy as featured in the article

Marylebone Journal Feature: Jade-Bamboo Massage

Marylebone Journal Feature: Jade-Bamboo Massage

Marylebone journal Feb-mar2013 MJ_Mar2013-pop

“As soon as the door shuts on number 36 George Street, the hustle and bustle of the street is left behind and the oasis of calm within engulfs me…. In my Italian mind’s eye, I have Mami (owner and founder) down as a rather large middle aged lady wielding a rolling pin. Nothing could be further from the truth of course. Mami Tsang is petite and graceful and very Japanese.” Read more (Article: Marylebone Journal, Jan 2015)

Watch our video about Jade-Bamboo Massage as featured in the article Review Review

Article Post by: Tatei Montejo, 18/11/2014

“Chi Yu Wellness Centre, Marylebone

I have a fascination with the East when it comes to health and beauty. Their holistic approach to medicine has always interested me, even more so since a Chinese doctor fixed my Nan’s back hernia that western doctors claimed could only be cured with a very risky surgery. Not to mention their innovation in the beauty arena, with South Korea being where all big Western corporations are looking at for inspiration. So when I walked past Chi Yu on George Street I knew I had to come in for a treatment and for a cup of lovely herbal tea.

A wellness centre, not a spa, Chi Yu is inspired by traditional Japanese philosophy and provides personal holistic treatments to balance body, mind and soul. Chi Yu means healing in Japanese and the complimentary therapies aim to support the body’s own healing process. Prior to my treatment I was in contact with the well reputed and very knowledgeable Mami Tsang, who founded the salon over five years ago. She recommended I tried Integrated Therapy, one of their signature and more popular treatments, which combines any number of techniques in order to suit the client’s needs and preferences. Anything from aromatherapy and meridian massage to acupuncture and acupressure can be incorporated, based on an initial assessment, to provide a truly bespoke experience.” Read more (article link) or PDF version.

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Metro Review: Éminence Organic Strawberry Chocolate Truffle Facial

Metro Review: Éminence Organic Strawberry Chocolate Truffle Facial

Article by: Carolyn Faulder, Metro 09/10/2014

The article featured one the Eminence Facials using the natural products by Eminence Organics Skincare. The roots of Éminence Organic Skincare began in Hungary more than 50 years ago. Family knowledge of the beneficial properties of fruits, herbs and spices spanned several generations. This unique awareness of medicinal plants has been enhanced with the latest skincare innovations, to produce a range that is true to both organic enthusiasts and results-oriented clients.

(Note: any prices quoted are subject to change, please check when making an appointment)

Watch Our Video of the Eminence Facial at Chi Yu

GET THE GLOSS – Product Feature: Eminence Organic Skincare

GET THE GLOSS – Product Feature: Eminence Organic Skincare


Article Post by: Ayesha 01/06/2014


With a range of products that count Megan Fox, Dita Von Teese and Jessica Biel as fans, you’d be hard pressed to find a facial that holds as much promise as this one. Designed for women in their 20s and 30s who aren’t quite ready for a full ammo of anti-ageing products just yet, this treatment gives skin the boost of spot-fighting and free-radical protection it needs in order to duke it out against those pesky early wrinkles. With key ingredients including redcurrant and a potent Antioxidant Complex, it poses a triple threat for winter weary skin in terms of hydration, vitality and elasticity. The fan club can count me as a member now too. My skin has never felt so soft after a facial and that was all thanks to the magic hands of Mami Tsang, the owner of Chi Yu Wellness Centre and GTG Expert. (Get the Gloss Link).

Products Featured in the Article:

Eminence Organics Redcurrant Rapid Infusion Masque EOS2282Eminence Organics Redcurrant Balancing Concentrate EOS2283

Eminence Organics Redcurrant Mattifying Mist EOS4285Eminence Organics Redcurrant Exfoliating Cleanser EOS4284Eminence Organics Redcurrant Protective Moisturiser SPF30 EOS2286

Eminence Facial at Chi Yu

Mads About Town – The New Year Groom: 5 Best Locations

Mads About Town – The New Year Groom: 5 Best Locations

Article Post by: (formerly Mads About Town)

Integrated Therapy in Chi Yu. Don’t let the name put you off. I’ve sent countless friends, family and colleagues into the firm hands of the Chi Yu team for this treatment and all have returned rapturous (some even claiming lifelong ailments felt alleviated).

What does it consist of? In short, it is a combination of therapies – meridian massage, reflexology, acupuncture – to redress imbalances particular to you. The team at Chi Yu are wonderful at understanding the form and this treatment is therefore different for each individual on each separate visit depending on what is necessary. Throw in the fact that this isn’t just a session that is deeply relaxing, but has knock-on benefits, and you could not spend an hour (or two) anywhere better to fortify yourself prior to New Year’s Eve. Read more.

Watch our video of the Integrated Therapy as featured in the blog article

Mads About Town – The New Year Groom: 5 Best Locations

Madeleine Loves – Jade-Bambo Massage Review

Madeleine Loves web screen shot

Article Post by: 16/10/2013

“The feeling of stagnancy is a hard one to shake. After the vigour of summer months, by mid-October, I usually feel comparatively inert and heavy.

Chi Yu offered a potential answer – a Jade & Bamboo massage. What the dickens is a Jade & Bamboo massage? A little online research proffered the following explanation: bamboo, once heated and rolled across the body, increases circulation and promotes relaxation.” Read more (article link) or PDF version. (Note: website used to be called Mads About Town)


Watch our video about Jade-Bamboo Massage as featured in the blog article

GLAMOUR – Eminence Facial at Chi Yu

GLAMOUR – Eminence Facial at Chi Yu

Article details: GLAMOUR Magazine, October 2013

One the fabulous Eminence Facials was mentioned in Glamour magazine. These facials are based on the natural skin care products by Eminence Organics skincare and is very popular at chi yu. Eminence products are not readily available on the high street as it is a professional level product and is best bought after consultation with a qualified therapist.

Watch Our Video about Eminence Facial at Chi Yu