(Chinese) New Year, New You?

(Chinese) New Year, New You?

(Photo by Andrew Haimerl on Unsplash)

Article by: Jane Sandwood, Freelance Writer

Let’s face it: not many people get to keep their resolutions past January. The good news, though, is that we get another chance to make positive changes in our lives and finally improve our health, start saving more money or maybe even pick up a new musical instrument as of course, the Chinese New Year does not happen until February 16th. But this is where the good news ends. The whole concept of New Year’s resolutions, whether we list them down in January or February, is flawed to begin with, so there’s a big chance that we’ll be back to our old ways by March. Here’s why:

We rely too much on motivation

The thing with motivation is that it comes and goes, so it’s not a good foundation to build our resolutions on. This is why people quit a week into January. Making a list of resolutions in December is exciting because everyone’s doing it. Everybody’s looking forward to making some big changes along with the coming of the new year. Once January rolls in, however, the excitement wears off just in time for them to actually start doing the work so a lot of people end up just quitting.

We try to do too much too soon

According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, willpower is a limited resource. The more temptations we have to resist—as what occurs when we have too many resolutions to keep—the faster our willpower drains. When this happens, we inevitably go back to what’s comfortable, which is our state before we started with our resolutions.

The good news is that the same study points out that you can easily improve your ability to resist temptation just by living a happier life. This means you should strive to minimize your exposure to things and situations that stress you out. If it can’t be helped, however, relaxing activities like spa treatments and massages at your local wellness center should help you recharge much more quickly.

Chi Yu Holistic Massage

Also, try to make your resolutions as easy to stick to as possible to further lessen the amount of willpower they drain. Take eating healthier, for instance. Instead of eating just salads, why not go for a diet that incorporates delicious meals into the menu? You’re already doing something good for your body. Why not enjoy yourself along the way?

The secret to success

It all boils down to how good you are at managing your limited willpower. As long as you reduce the number of things that can drain it, minimize stress either through relaxing activities or the complete avoidance of stressful situations, and make your resolutions as easy to commit to as possible, you can make lasting positive changes in your life not only during the two New Years but throughout the rest of each year as well.

Valentines Offer

Valentines Offer

Sorry, this offer is expired

(Offer ends 28th Feb 2017)

Happy Valentines!

In Japan, Valentines day is almost as popular, but it is celebrated a little differently. Instead of gifts from men to women, it is often the women who present gifts to the men usually in the form of “giri-choco” or obligation chocolate. As the name suggests these gifts can be given to any man, such as friends, colleagues and even bosses! However, boyfriends and husbands are not left out, as the more romantically involved will give Honmei-choco instead, which has been lovingly handmade so as to show it is truly from the heart!

Rather than giving just chocolate, treat the ones you love to a lovingly prepared treatment at chi yu. We have three amazing offers below for her, him and even couples!

Three Valentines Offers

Choose from 3 amazing offers! Each offer includes a 60 minute treatment plus one ultrasonic diffuser and one essential oil as a memento of this special Valentines gift. (See below for more details and terms & conditions)

  • Eminence Bespoke Facial + Diffuser Gift: £134 (save £21)
  • Chidoriya Japanese Facial + Diffuser Gift: £129 (save £21)
  • Holistic Massage + Diffuser Gift: £124 (save £21)
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Terms & Conditions
Above offers are valid from 14th to 28th February 2017 only and subject to availability. Prepaid accounts can be used to pay for the offers but no additional discount (10% or 12.5%) will be applied. The offers cannot be combined with any other prevailing offers from chi yu or third parties. Offer expires end of 28th Feb 2017. One ultrasonic diffuser and one essential oil per offer.

Eminence Bespoke Facial + Diffuser Gift: £134
(save £21)

The Eminence Bespoke Facial uses products from the extensive Eminence Organic Skincare range, which are packed with natural antioxidant vitamins and minerals and can include a chocolate mask

Chidoriya Japanese Facial + Diffuser Gift: £129
(save £21)

This exclusive signature facial uses Chidoriya Japanese Skin care products in combination with chi yu’s bespoke Matcha Green Tea mask and organic facial oil, Japanese facial massage and jade stone rollers.

Holistic Massage + Diffuser Gift: £124
(save £21)

Holistic Massage is a therapeutic bodywork using a range of strokes to alleviate physical and emotional tension on the body, boost blood and lymphatic circulation and promote general well being.

Diffuser and Essential Oil included in the Offer!

Each offer includes a choice of 1 Ultrasonic Diffuser (from 3) and a choice of 1 essential oil (from 7), as shown below. Ultrasonic diffusers turn water into a fine mist acting as a humidifier and ioniser. Add just a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the water and a diffuser becomes an aroma diffuser, providing the atmosphere you desire in your home. Click the images below to find out more in our online store or enquire instore. (Please note, the Soto diffuser has limited stock and is available in store only)




Soto diffuser

Soto Diffuser (limited stock)

Amora-Pure-Essential-Oils 200px


Chinese New Year Offer (2017)

Chinese New Year Offer (2017)

Sorry, this offer is expired

(Offer ends 13-02-17)

Happy Chinese New Year!

We would like to wish all our clients a very Happy Chinese New Year, which, traditionally, is also the Japanese New Year and can last for about 15 days. This year is the year of the Rooster (or “tori” in Japanese) and represents deep thinking, devoted and high achieving people.

Were you born a Rooster? Check you birth year: 2017, 2005, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945, 1933, 1921, 1909. If so see the special offer below:

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this special offer!

Take a treatment between the 1st and 13th February (inclusive) and get 20% off another treatment* or if you were born a Rooster** you can claim 25% discount instead!
To Book: Call 02074860304 or email info@chi-yu.co.uk
T&Cs – Please Read
Offer ends at close of business on 13th Feb 2017. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or pre-paid accounts. *A qualifying treatment must be at least 1 hour in duration, but the discounted treatment can be of any duration and type and must be taken by end of February. **Proof of birthday may be required. One offer per person only.

Origami Rooster Greeting Card

We are giving away special Origami Rooster Greeting Cards (image above) from the soon-to-be launched range based on the 12 animals of the Zodiac. The cards are not just for the new year as they also make great birthday cards. Ask for one when you visiti chi yu, but be quick as we only have 50 to give away!

Our treatment prices have increased (from 1st July) please click the Price List button to review before booking.