Transform Your Space For Tranquility

Transform Your Space For Tranquility

Article by: Jane Sandwood, Freelance Writer

A Guide To Setting Up Your Room For A Relaxing Massage

Stress continues to be a problem among UK workers as new statistics reveal that over 500,000 individuals are experiencing work-related stress, anxiety, or depression. Fortunately, as recent studies have shed light on the negative effects of stress on one’s physical and mental health, people are now considering stress as a serious problem that needs to be addressed in a positive way. Britons have begun to find ways to cope with this problem by living a healthy and balanced lifestyle through having the right diet and making time for exercise.

However, there’s another way that you can deal with stress, and getting a massage is a simple and pleasant way to feel better from the inside out. Going to a wellness centre enables you to relax and get rid of any aches and pains, but if you’re unable to get out of the house, a massage done in the comfort of your home will also help to alleviate stress. To get the most of your at-home treatment, here’s how to set up your space for tranquillity so you can enjoy a relaxing massage.

Block out all noise

You don’t need to have a specially-designed room for your at-home massage, but you do need a quiet space where you can relax. To block out some of the noise from inside and outside your room, cover your windows with heavy drapes and lay thick rugs on the floor. Turn your phone off as well as other electronic devices in your room. If you need to mask unpleasant sounds (ongoing construction work, traffic and the like), try playing some soothing music to help you get into the right headspace for relaxation.

The right scents and ambient lighting can work wonders

Don’t underestimate the power of candle light and scent when it comes to creating a serene vibe. Turn off the lights, make sure that the room is comfortably warm, then light candles for soft illumination that can help to lower stress and anxiety levels. You can pick unscented candles, or for an olfactory treat, get some scented ones. However, not all scents are ideal during a massage—some smells can cause you to feel hyper or agitated, so it’s important to choose only relaxing scents if you’re planning to purchase scented candles. Some of the best scents that can work wonders for a frazzled mind include lavender, pine, and jasmine. Pick one type and burn no more than two candles to get the full aromatherapy benefits without getting overwhelmed during your massage.

Get on the floor

You may be tempted to have your massage on your bed, but if your bed is too soft, it may not be the best place to have your treatment. If you don’t have a massage table, the floor may be the best place to get a Swedish or sports massage. It’s even better if you have a hardwood floor as the natural element works well when you’re creating a space for tranquillity. After covering the floor with a rug, lay down a foam mattress, cover it with a clean sheet, and use a small pillow or a folded up towel to support your head during your massage.

Once your space has been properly set up, you can now have a massage therapist do house calls*, or if that’s not possible, ask your partner to give you a massage. It’s the best way to de-stress and recharge for your overall wellbeing. Try these tips to set up a space for a relaxing massage in your home and enjoy the full benefits of this holistic stress reliever.

*Chi Yu currently does not offer a house-call or at home service