Pure Silk Facial Mitten


Size: 3.25-inch (L) x 2.8-inch (W)


Made of 100% silk that is manufactured by a silkworm farm in Gunma, Japan – well known for its silk production where the silk worms are fed non sprayed, non chemical treated mulberry leaves

Protein is the main component of the silk, extremely similar struycture to the protein found in the skin

Extremely soft silk gently yet thoroughly buffs away dirt and dead skin cells to leave your skin purified and moisturised

Why not take care of your skin daily with Pure Silk Facial Mitten…your skin will be amazingly soft and smooth like no other! Great to use regularly over time to see the difference as your skin will look and feel like that of a new born baby!

At first the mitten has a bit of stiffness to it but just soak it into warm water and gently rub/massage on the skin even without using soap

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

Material (Mitten): 100% Silk
(Edge banding materials): 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton


Put the mitten on your hand and wet the mitten in the warm water.
Apply soap to your mittened hand. Gently massage and scrub your face using circular motions. Rinse off the mitten and your face once you have finished exfoliating. Squeeze water out of the mitten and hang dry after use.

Great to try with a range of Chidoriya facial soaps or Brightening + Hydrating Komenuka Rice Bran Powder Polish!

Why not try silk mittens for exfoliating your fingernails!