Monkey Hanging from a Bamboo greeting card


A6 size (148mm x 105mm)


Beautiful greeting card based on original Japanese art by Koson Ohara (1877–1945). Suitable for all occasions.

  • A6 size greeting card 148mm x 105mm
  • Quality pearlescent paper giving a beautiful shimmering effect
  • Hand finished rounded corners
  • Blank inside for your own message
  • Hand packed with white envelope in a cello bag

Description on the reverseIn Japan, the monkey’s role in guarding against demons and being regarded as a sacred animal originates from the Japanese word for monkey, ‘saru’ which is a homonym for the Japanese word ‘expel’ (also pronounced saru). The latter word means to ‘dispel’, ‘punch out’ or ‘push away’. According to the legends of Japan’s Mt. Hiei shrine-temple, this makes the monkey an ‘expeller of demons’ and remover of misfortunes. The bamboo, which is also present in the image is traditionally regarded as a symbol of good luck.

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Chi Yu gift card 527x336px

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