100% Pure Japanese Camellia Oil




Excellent for skin (face, body, hands, nail) and conditioning hair. Moisturises and restructure skin while it is also nail strengthening

Light textured camellia oil has a very similar consistency to deeply penetrating oleic acid which is naturally produced by the skin. The wild camellia fruit contains mainly oleic acid (86%), palmitic acid, linoleic acid omega 6, stearic acid and arachidic acid

Pure camellia seed oil has been manufactured by the traditional hand press technique at a family owned factory in Japan, and is renowned for the quality of excellence. Fresh quality is guaranteed

Camellia oil has been used for centuries in Japan for face, body, hair and scalp care. No synthetic antioxidant preservative is necessary as the oil components work as its own preservatives

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. A wonderful moisturiser to take on long haul flight, thanks to its instantly moisturising quality, keeping skin well hydrated

Additional information

Weight 0.139 kg

100% Camellia Sinensis Seed Oil (Food-grade)


Before Shampoo / treatment for very dry and damaged hair
Massage into scalp and ends of damaged hair, rinse and shampoo.

After Shampoo / suitable for all hair types
Apply oil to ends of hair and dry patches of scalp to deep condition.

How to use on the dry hair?
Apply 1-2 drops to palm of hand, rub palms together, apply to the ends of your hair and work your way up using your fingers like a comb. It makes your hair super silky and lustrous! Good for the hair before heat styling to add shine or after styling for increased style and contrast.

Camellia Oil is also a fantastic carrier oil. Enjoy adding your favourite essential oils for massage or for fragrance. We offer a beautiful aroma blend oil called "Tennyokoh" – smells like heaven!
If you like something woody like cedar… why not Chidoriya Hinoki Oil?

There are many acupressure points behind and around the ear that are excellent for relaxing, detoxing, healing and can even help you lose weight! So please do some ear acupressure massage using our camellia oil.

Organic rosehip seed oil is excellent for extremely damaged hair and you can also add a few drops in camellia oil.