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My feet are always tired. From running around town to walking to and from work daily, I’m convinced my feet would sleep for a few months if they were given the chance. I dragged them along to the urban zen of Chi-Yu Wellness Spa situated behind Marble Arch in London for a spot of reflexology. I had read nothing but amazing reviews of reflexology, and how it can pinpoint problem areas in the rest of your body so I was excited but anxious; could my therapist tell that I eat far too much chocolate or bemoan the fact my pedicures are less than frequent? Luckily not, but instead she could tell that I suffer from minor digestive problems (I do), I have tension in my left shoulder (again, guilty) and even that I often hold my true thoughts inside (spooky, as yes, I do). In basic terms, reflexology is a wonderful, revitalising, soothing foot massage but if you want it to at Chi-Yu, it goes a lot deeper than that. If you are having any health problems, even something as run of the mill as a cold, tell the reflexologist and they can focus their attention on the corresponding area of your foot.

I left the Chi-Yu Wellness Spa with a definite spring in my step plus was shown which part of my foot attributed to my digestive system – no more bad tum for me.

Have you experienced reflexology?

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